The Revolution Has Begun

Look around. Work – and what it means to work – is defined, executed and incorporated into our lives very differently today than ever before – especially for digital marketers and designers. Freelancing, once a means to a "real job", is rapidly becoming a real job in and of itself, and staffing, once equivalent with temp hires, is now being utilized by companies to fill specialized roles that bring significant value to their mission and growth strategy.

At Filter, we not only understand this shift, and the implications that it has for the future of work – we're here to lead the charge. And we're doing it by placing people, first.

We step to the beat of our own drum. The music we make is loud and that's the way we like it.

Let's Talk

"Life is too short to work in a job that doesn't fit your strengths, interests and lifestyle. We spend more than a third of every day working – that time has to be fulfilling and rewarding in more ways than just a paycheck."
– Joe Melanson, Filter CEO

The Future of Work is Now

What began in 1991 as a straight up creative staffing agency has evolved into a company that provides innovative solutions for digital marketing and design challenges. We offer a continuum of solutions within the digital marketing space – ranging from finding the best talent for a single role to building and managing entire teams. This is the future of work, and the future is now.

Sized Just Right

We're the size we are because we like it that way. We're not a goliath company with global locations, millions of clients, and talent we know only by their record in our database. But we wouldn't call ourselves small either. We're somewhere right in between. We're strong but still nimble, so our members and clients never get lost in the machine. They get direct contact and care from us each and every day, because we care more about quality than quantity. And now we'd like to do the same for you.