User Experience

The number of user experiences and platforms we interact with in our daily lives has skyrocketed over the past decade, creating an overwhelming demand for highly skilled UX professionals – and making it challenging for even the hottest brands to solve UX challenges effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re building and launching a new app, website or interactive experience, our flexible solutions – ranging from building and managing a scalable team of UX specialists, to providing you with elite UX professionals to increase your internal team’s capacity or skills – are customized to solve your specific needs, and ensure your project ships on time, on budget and on brand.

Virtual Reality & Immersive Experiences

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are emerging as the next frontiers in digital marketing and design: exciting and experimental, these groundbreaking technologies open up a world of new business opportunities – but in a field that’s so young (and evolving daily), identifying the right strategies and people for the job can be a challenge.

Enter Filter. We’ve been on the forefront of the immersive technology trend before it was a trend. From creating a Virtual Reality headset experience, to designing an app with an Augmented Reality feature, Filter can help you bring your interactive strategy to life. Our flexible solutions – ranging from building and managing a scalable team of VR and 3D specialists, to providing you with elite VR professionals to increase your internal team’s capacity or skills – will help you create new worlds, new stories, and new levels of brand engagement.

Visual Design

When it comes to visual design, marketing leaders are looking for far more than pretty graphics – they’re aiming for a stunning, high-impact first impression: that moment when eyebrows raise, bodies lean in, and action – be it a scroll, click or tap – is imminent.

Filter picks up where your agency leaves off, immersing ourselves in your brand and executing flawlessly – ensuring a consistent and inspired visual design across all mediums. From websites to apps to digital marketing campaigns, we make sure that your message, your brand and your vision shines.

Campaigns & Content

Looks count. Consistency counts. And perfection shouldn’t be a stretch goal. From integrated campaigns, to content studios, to publishing management, helping you increase your team’s throughput and capacity – on brand and on budget – is right in our wheelhouse. Whether that’s taking an entire process or project off your plate, or providing you with the right professionals to succeed in specific roles within your team.