It Pays to Say Yes: Why You Should Always Take the Interview

Top-tier digital marketers and designers have more in common than impressive skill sets. When it comes to their career journeys, they’re the types to explore new opportunities – even if they don’t fit right into their existing plans. These professionals tend to say “yes” more than “no”: “yes” to having coffee with a new professional contact, “yes” to a project that’s at the edge of their comfort zone, “yes” to an interview for a gig or company they aren’t quite sold on.
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Make it a Reality: 4 Reasons Why 2017 is the Year to Start Building Your VR Career

If you’re tuned into the world of digital marketing and design, you already know that virtual reality is poised to be the Next Big Thing. Though the technology has existed since the 1980’s, VR is finally seeing mainstream attention – and huge business growth. Experts predict that 12 million VR headsets will be sold in 2017, and that by 2020 the total global market for VR will be worth $34 billion.
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Designers' Top 5 Goals for 2017

As we jump into 2017, there's one New Year's resolution every digital marketing company should have on their list: working harder than ever to attract and engage the industry's most talented designers. With Design taking on an even more central role within organizations, savvy employers know that hiring the right design professionals – and giving them the opportunities and support they want – will be critical to their success in the coming year.
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Don't Call it a Comeback: How to Rock the Job Market Later in Your Career

When a tough financial year led him to leave his marketing role at Nutcase, a Northwest-based helmet manufacturer, Filterati Philip Mascher wasn’t worried about finding another great job. With 20 years of experience in the agency world, managing accounts for leading global brands like IKEA and Microsoft, he was optimistic; in the past, he had always been hired within a week or two.
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Can You Keep a Secret? 3 Tips for Showcasing Confidential Work

Today’s top digital marketing and design professionals are helping develop some of the industry’s most innovative products – and often, that means handling confidential information and work product. Particularly among leading companies like our clients, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are a common way to protect intellectual property.
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From Freelance to Full-Time: 4 Tactics to Make an Impact and Make the Team

In the competitive field of digital marketing and design, it’s no small feat to land a contract gig: you’ve got to have a strong personal brand, present a standout portfolio, and nail multiple (yes, multiple) interviews. Once you’ve been hired, you still have your work cut out for you – particularly if you have your eye on a full-time offer. Though you already have a foot in the door, you’ll have to earn that opportunity as much as you would any other job.
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How UX is Leading the Future of Design: Talking UX With Michael Hinnant

Last week at Filter, Michael Hinnant spoke to a packed house of UX professionals about the future of digital marketing and design – and the role UX will play in shaping it. One of the industry’s leading UX experts, Michael led a discussion about the exciting opportunities opening up for the UX community: new ways to build value, create connections, and help determine how we’ll incorporate emerging technologies into our everyday lives.
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Bright Futures and Big Plans! Here's What We Learned at SIC

The Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) attracts thousands of the region’s best and most innovative digital marketers and designers, so you can bet Filter was there – talking to leaders, dreamers and visionaries about what they wanted the future of their careers to look like, what they need to get there, and of course what they're working on today.
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