The World Through New Eyes: VR and the Future of Storytelling

If you’ve been in the throes of a great book, you know how a well-crafted story can transport you to an entirely different time, place and perspective. It was the world of books that first sparked Filterati Allyssa Evans’s passion for immersive experiences; and today, leading a team of Virtual Reality researchers, she’s helping drive the next generation of captivating storytelling.
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Pioneering the Next Dimension of Design

Increasingly affordable, versatile and user-friendly, 3D technology is swiftly evolving into an everyday tool in homes and businesses around the world. The 3D printing industry has surpassed $5 billion and continues to grow as more and more creators – from global manufacturers to at-home DIYers – use 3D modeling to bring their ideas to life.
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In the Age of Digital, EQ is Essential

Filter recently hosted a panel discussion with ten of our clients, leaders at organizations like Microsoft, Oracle, and Leatherman, to learn about the biggest challenges they’re facing in executing digital marketing and design. There’s one message that came through loud and clear, and it’s something I’ve long believed will define the future of work: when it comes to building your team, emotional intelligence is every bit as important than technical ability… or even more so.
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Behind the Scenes of Westworld’s VR Experience

A few years ago, Filterati Randall Glass was a computer engineer with his eye on a more creative career. Today, as animator in HBO’s fast-growing Virtual Reality division, he’s integral in creating some of the entertainment world’s most revolutionary experiences – most recently Westworld VR, which immerses fans in the hit show’s Wild West theme park. In this week’s “Gimme 5,” Randall gives us an inside look at what he’s working on at HBO, and explains how a combination of initiative, cu...
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Tell Me a Story: The Power of Narrative in UX Design

One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of a career in UX is that it requires a broad skill set – encompassing technical ability, design savvy, and a strong sense of both user and business needs. UX designers hail from a number of professional backgrounds, but they share a common thread: a talent (and love) for human-focused storytelling. Whether he’s creating intuitive user pathways, helping inform marketing decisions, or working on his personal art, Filterati and UX designer Aaro...
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Eyes on the Customer, Eyes on the Future: Staying Ahead in Digital Marketing

Succeeding in the fast-changing world of digital marketing can feel like a moving target – but dynamic, challenging spaces like this are where the Filterati thrive. Just ask marketing guru and longtime Filter member Sonya Carmichael Jones, a passionate expert on all things content and a consultant to leading brands. Sonya is an “always learner”, constantly exploring and continuously building on her already impressive skillset.
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Can Virtual Reality Make the World a Better Place? Yes – If it's Grounded in Good.

When you hear the term “virtual reality," what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, gaming jumps to the forefront – and fair enough: gaming was one of the first industries to embrace VR, and its popularity exploded in that space. But VR’s reach is expanding every day as innovators tap into the universe of experiences – and more importantly, positive changes – that this technology can bring to our lives.
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Deeper than Design: 3 Steps to a Design Portfolio that Tells Your Story

More talented designers are coming on the scene every year, turning up the heat in an already competitive hiring market. Leading employers are raising the bar: today, even the most impressive design skills aren’t enough to set candidates apart from the crowd. To find the best fits for their projects, teams, and cultures, forward-thinking companies are looking deeper.
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It Pays to Say Yes: Why You Should Always Take the Interview

Top-tier digital marketers and designers have more in common than impressive skill sets. When it comes to their career journeys, they’re the types to explore new opportunities – even if they don’t fit right into their existing plans. These professionals tend to say “yes” more than “no”: “yes” to having coffee with a new professional contact, “yes” to a project that’s at the edge of their comfort zone, “yes” to an interview for a gig or company they aren’t quite sold on.
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