Get The Inside Advantage

We bring exceptional horsepower to exciting ideas, embedding our proven expertise right inside your organization for maximum impact, control and speed to market.

Behind this pioneering approach is proven conviction that our abilities, experience and insights are best utilized right in the hands of our clients, seamlessly integrated with their own people and processes. We jettisoned the standard agency model long ago: today we work inside leading brands as trusted collaborators to shape, develop and deliver better customer experiences across breakthrough products, multichannel campaigns, digital domains and virtual realities.

More agility, less risk, greater productivity and faster speed to market are just some of the benefits of our embedded services model, a spectrum of tailor-fit solutions that integrate seamlessly alongside your own people and processes:

Integrated Teams


We quickly deploy highly-skilled teams to work hand-in-hand with your organization for a fixed period of time or on a specific project.

On-Site Agencies


We build dedicated teams and studios that embed easily with your existing workflows, teams and technologies to fuel better business results.

Individual Experts


We provide specialized expertise to augment your own team, increase capacity, and power up your internal marketing capabilities.

Filter can even provide fully outsourced solutions to take entire projects or processes off your plate — freeing your team and your business to focus on what matters most to your success.

Let’s start building


Filter’s embedded and integrated model delivers a compelling array of benefits:


Brand Leadership: Best-of-breed solutions from veteran specialists who hit the ground running with insights and innovation honed through years of experience at the world’s top brands – plus the confidence and creative spark that comes from working with leaders in the creative community.

Speed to Market: Filter’s embedded teams work closely with your own to deeply grasp key business challenges – then rapidly iterate and deliver solutions, bringing agile practices to boost your speed of production.

Productivity: Tailor-built teams ensure greater skill-to-task alignment across your project or program, optimizing output efficiency. Then we add resource measurement, management, reporting and insights to further maximize your ROI.

Transformation: Embedding our teams helps you build a best-practice culture across your organization, putting specialized expertise right where it can best help you optimize processes, build efficiencies and break down silos.

Focus & Agility: Our approach frees you to devote effort and resources to what you do best – while fostering collaboration that keeps your organization more nimble and responsive to opportunity.

Business Acceleration: Our flexible, scalable service and pricing models help you overcome barriers to adoption by de-risking the up-front investment, improving transparency and providing greater control than traditional agency models.

Radical Customer Centricity: Highly specialized, customer-driven expertise is not only essential for ongoing innovation and success, it’s the beating heart of Filter and the fuel for our full spectrum of UX, marketing and design disciplines.

Results: All the above adds up to the most important benefit: a stronger brand and business advantage. We help our clients build product value, grow their audience, increase revenue, drive costs from the bottom line and accelerate innovation with compelling and convincing results. Connect with us to learn more about our approach and how we can bring this advantage to your enterprise.