In the final installment of our 3-part video series on design systems, Filter Experience Design Director Michael Hinnant talks to Senior Experience Designer Aaron Bowersock about how to get started with a design system deployment.

Below is part three of Michael and Aaron’s talk on design systems - don’t miss part one and part two of the discussion for a full understanding of all of the components that lead up to design system deployment.

Excerpts from the discussion:

On how to pinpoint where to get started: “Take a look at your product or service or website or whatever you’re working on; is it achieving what you want it to achieve? Do you notice a lot of user or customers dropping off, or do you notice a spike in support calls or emails? – these might be red flags that say okay, we need something new.” – Aaron Bowersock

 On what the audit process looks like: “Doing the full audit of your products and customer touch points… what does that look like? How does [your system] behave? Quickly identifying the areas that are duplicates or have slight variations where you’re solving the same problems but doing it in different ways and then being able to inventory what are all the different types things we’re doing…and different micro-experiences we’re offering gives a feel of how big the problem is.” – Michael Hinnant

 On aligning your design system with you brand:Think about the direction of your design principles and identifying where we have inconsistencies or experiences that don’t align with how our brand is supposed to behave. We want our design principle, and experiences to come alive for users. Consider if perhaps you’re not living up to your brand promise?” – Michael Hinnant

 Keeping your design system compatible: “A lot of enterprises have products and solutions on different technical stacks. Understand what the implementation cost is and what is the right roadmap of that. Looking for ways to align design work and existing development work and how to take advantage of that is part of the process.” – Michael Hinnant

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