The Filter Team

There's talent, and then there are the members of the Filterati: industry-leading digital marketers and designers, and dynamic innovators both on and off the clock. Our members embody not only the top-notch skills but also the energy, curiosity and passion that define success in the new world of work.

That's why today's leading brands seek them out — and it's why we invest so much in each of them. From thoughtfully curating the perfect opportunities for every individual, to providing ongoing educational resources, career guidance and competitive benefits, we keep our members engaged and committed for the long-term (once a Filterati, always a Filterati!) - giving our clients reliable access to best-in-class professionals who have the skills, aptitudes and drive it takes to thrive in today's digital marketing and design roles.





Get to know some of the faces of the Filterati and our Filter staff — what they're working on, what inspires them, and how partnering with Filter helps them stay at the forefront of their industries.