UX Research Meets Virtual Reality Technology

The landscape of VR is rapidly developing & Filter is deeply involved, designing UX research & PM support for a leading VR company. 

The Problem

A VR leader needed specialized expertise, and a time-effective solution, to increase its capacity for cutting-edge user research.

Bringing VR technology to real users.

With the potential to transform the way we work, play, and connect with one another – to name just a few uses – VR is rapidly transforming the digital marketing and design landscape. This industry is growing every day, but it still faces one central hurdle to wider user adoption: we don’t yet know when, where, and how real people will want to integrate this technology into their lives.

To better understand how customers are most likely to engage with their products, our client, one of the world’s top VR companies relies on a steady flow of high-quality user research. In need of additional capacity to execute on these important initiatives, and seeking the most time- and cost-efficient solution possible, the innovator reached out to Filter.

Our Solution

Filter’s research team works supports the setup, implementation and data collection of a range of complex user studies.

Comprehensive user research support.

With extensive experience in the latest user research procedures, methodologies, and tools – as well as in the unique demands of VR technology – Filter was the perfect fit to support this groundbreaking research. Working at the client’s site, and in close collaboration with their internal team, the Filterati assist with set-up, implementation and data collection for a variety of complex of user studies.

Filter’s tasks include screening participants, coordinating and conducting studies, collecting data, and handling sensitive procedures relating to safety and confidentiality. They also add value by making observations and providing feedback to the study team to optimize procedures. A Filter Engagement Manager serves as a single point of contact for the project, overseeing quality, deliverables, communication, training, and reporting on an ongoing basis. Filter provides regular updates on the health of the project and continually works to refine processes and maximize efficiency.

The Results

This ongoing program has increased both the capacity and efficiency of our client’s cutting-edge research efforts.

Shaping the future of VR experiences.

With Filter as a research partner, the VR company gains the benefits of a top-tier research team without the added burden of day-to-day team and project management. The Filterati continue to be deeply embedded in our client’s research initiatives, and are being enlisted for additional research-related projects. We’re thrilled to be helping discover the user insights that will make VR an accessible, useful and engaging technology that real people can integrate in their everyday lives.

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