Food Network & Filter: A Recipe for Digital Efficiency needed to improve their content creation process to keep up with a high volume of sponsorship requests.

The Problem needed to rework its content-related processes to keep up with the rhythm of its sponsored ad demands.

Slowdowns in the kitchen. showcases brand-sponsored recipes on their website, providing a valuable opportunity to sell advertisement space. With a high volume of sponsorship requests coming in, they weren’t bringing these ads to market as quickly as they needed to. The company teamed up with Filter to rework their existing content creation process, which was neither flexible nor efficient enough to keep up with the speed of business.

Our Solution

Filter helped develop and execute workflows that facilitated greater agility and a much shorter response time.

Cooking up the perfect workflow.

Filter’s process architects began by assessing’s existing sponsored ad workflow, identifying issues with productivity and resource utilization. We designed and implemented a streamlined process that reduced inefficiencies and slowdowns.

With the new and improved workflows in place, our managed team of content creation and publishing experts was ready to jump right into the kitchen. Scalable and fast-moving, the team responded swiftly to changes in ad content and volume while maintaining the highest standard of accuracy and brand alignment.

The Results

Filter reduced time-to-live by 50% by optimizing content creation and production workflows.

Delicious-looking ads – deliciously fast.

Filter facilitated a 50% reduction in time-to-live by equipping Food Network with highly customized workflows, specialized digital marketing talent, and comprehensive project management. With the Filterati taking content creation and production work off internal staff’s plates, the Food Network Team was able to dedicate more time to high-level strategic initiatives.

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