We Helped Amazon Web Services Streamline Digital Design

Amazon Web Services is growing. Fast. So they needed a scalable solution for their design-related processes & workflows.

The Problem

AWS needed to streamline their design-related processes and augment their in-house capacity to keep up with a growing demand.

Growing demand brings a growing design challenge.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services that make up a scalable, low-cost cloud computing platform. Business is booming: hundreds of thousands of customers in 190 countries have joined the AWS community over the past ten years. This robust growth, however, presented an overwhelming workload for AWS’s small in-house design team.

This team, which supports to AWS engineers, product managers, executives and others, was stretched to capacity – and had less and less time to spend on high-level creative work. Long queues were forming as the team struggled to meet the demands of its growing list of stakeholders, particularly during business spikes. In urgent need of a time- and cost-saving solution, AWS asked Filter to help them resolve these backlogs and optimize their Visual Design workflows.

Our Solution

Filter improved workflows, resolved inefficiencies and built an outsourced studio of expert Visual Designers.

Agency-level Visual Design at a competitive cost.

Filter’s experienced Visual Designers began by working closely with the AWS design team to solidify their visual brand guidelines and refine their unique look and feel. We then helped AWS translate older assets into the new design style, developing new templates that reduced the time and effort of creating on-brand materials.

Targeting AWS’s long-term Visual Design needs, our process architects implemented new workflows to better facilitate creative oversight and control. With Filter handling day to day program management and reporting, and consistently delivering expertly designed assets, AWS’s internal team had greater bandwidth to take on other work.

The Results

Our high-performing Visual Design studio reduced AWS’s internal workload while maximizing both throughput and quality.

Hitting each design target as business grows.

Filter’s operational solutions have dramatically improved the efficiency of AWS’s design efforts, boosting asset quality while reducing costs and headaches. We’re now working directly with AWS stakeholders throughout the company in multiple departments, including the AWS business and marketing team. These new partnerships are helping AWS continue to optimize efficiency and keep up with the demands of its ever-growing customer base.

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