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With over a billion users all around the globe, a social network called on our UX research expertise to learn what social media users "like."

The Problem

Rapidly expanding its global reach, our client requires in-depth research to better understand the habits, wants, and needs of its diverse user base.

What do social media users “like”?

Our client, one of the world’s most influential social networks, has already revolutionized the way over a billion users around the world connect – and when it comes to developing new social solutions, its momentum is only growing.

The diversity of its user base is one of the company’s greatest strengths, as well as an exciting challenge. Because its users reflect virtually every age, background, and lifestyle – and because their wants and needs are constantly evolving – our client needs to work nonstop to understand and respond to an enormous range of personas.

Our Solution

Filter’s UX Researchers conduct and analyze a range of user studies that support the company’s internal research teams.

Embedded UX research expertise.

Filter’s industry-leading UX researchers provide robust support for our client’s research, media, and growth teams, helping them uncover critical information about their users. The team brings to the project deep experience researching for top brands, as well as the high-level vision and leadership to help inform project goals and processes.

The Filterati are working on multiple key initiatives including developing media products, optimizing video features, and expanding the platform’s global reach. They conduct both generative and evaluative research, leveraging a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method techniques.

The Results

Through our ongoing partnership, the social network is able to leverage specialized user research expertise for its high impact research initiatives.

Driving innovative social solutions.

Working closely with both company stakeholders and real users, the Filterati are honing in on answers that will help determine the social network’s direction for the future. This program has strengthened the company’s cutting-edge research initiatives by providing deep expertise, team leadership, and a passion for helping drive new and meaningful social connections.

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