How Filter helped a telecom leader tackle their growing UX workload in the face of accelerating development timelines.

The Problem

A complex mobile experience that integrates seamlessly into users lives presents major UX challenges. Fortunately, Filter was on the job.


A telecommunications leader was seeking to create even more innovative and engaging digital products for its global user base. Over the past several years the company has been making a customer-focused shift in its product development strategy, building an internal UX team and using iterative processes to better incorporate user research and feedback. Part of this transition has involved developing a customized agile/DevOps framework designed to optimize both UX quality and the speed of product release.

Like many companies facing increasing UX demands and shorter timelines, our client was finding agile methodology a largely effective fit. However, volume issues were still interfering with the depth and efficiency of their UX work. The internal UX team was handling a wide range of tasks including visual design, leaving little bandwidth to take on new projects. With a growing number of products and teams in need of high-quality UX support, the company knew they needed a fast, agile-specific way to augment their capacity.

Our Solution

Filter improved workflows, resolved inefficiencies and built an outsourced studio of expert Visual Designers.


In Filter, the company found a UX partner with not only the skills to elevate customer experience but also the flexibility to respond to, and help improve on, their unique implementation of agile/CD practices. Our team of UX research and design experts serves as a shared resource for multiple teams within the organization, working closely with designers, developers and stakeholders to maximize the powerful user benefits of continuous iteration.

The Results

Filter continues to enable rapid iterations and an ever-improving mobile experience for our client’s customers.


Working within a fast-paced model that can sometimes lead to rushed or insufficient user research, Filter’s team is helping maintain an unwavering focus on customer needs. The bandwidth and expertise we provide have enabled the company to better understand its users, and to translate those findings into measurable product improvements. With UX research incorporated earlier and more often, the company is seeing a reduced need for time- and cost-intensive fixes post launch.

The Filter team is thoroughly integrated with the company’s internal people and processes. Through a combination of on-site and remote collaboration, we facilitate the ongoing communication and knowledge sharing that are central to agile methodology. Beyond short-term deliverables, we’re helping our client solidify their overall strategy for agile UX by establishing best practices, creating style guides and making recommendations for more efficient tools, technologies and workflows.

Filter’s role within the organization continues to expand as we partner with additional teams and contribute to a growing variety of UX initiatives. From icons to complex apps, our client knows we’re ready to apply our adaptable tool kit and creative problem-solving to whatever challenges come next.

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