Spotlighting Cisco's Green Technology for the World

Cisco had a futureware idea to demo at the Worldwide Energy Summit, but needed a complex prototype, fast. Filter completed the entire project in just 30 days.

The Problem

Cisco needed a complex prototype of their Futureware application in time for their fast-approaching Worldwide Energy Summit.

Green technology with a “wow” factor.

As they work to make the world a more connected place, Cisco wants to make it a cleaner one as well. In their business operations, product design, and customer solutions, the company is leveraging technology to reduce their and their users’ environmental footprints.

Gearing up for their Worldwide Energy Summit in Barcelona, the Cisco team was preparing to introduce Futureware, a yet-undeveloped application that monitors and controls building energy consumption. Cisco’s CEO would be demonstrating the product’s features and capabilities to thousands of attendees in an on-stage presentation. With the summit rapidly approaching, Cisco needed expert team of UX and Visual Designers to help with this urgent and technically complex challenge.

Our Solution

Filter delivered application development, UX design and modeling, and complex storytelling through multiple form factors.

Taking the project from concept to development – fast.

Cisco turned to Filter to design a user interface, a script to demonstrate the key features, and interactions that would ensure that the prototype behaved in a realistic manner. Our solution? An outsourced studio of UX experts, Visual Designers and developers with the right skills and speed for the task at hand.

With a deep understanding of the Futureware’s goals and features, the Filterati worked with Cisco’s Executive Presentation Team to design a detailed, engaging and presenter-friendly presentation. Our team worked at full speed to deliver application development, UX design and modeling, and complex storytelling through multiple form factors. An agile methodology supported the iterative nature of the presentation development.

The Results

The prototype was completed on time, successfully showcasing the application’s features and capabilities in a realistic manner.

Prototype perfection.

Filter completed the entire prototype in 30 days, with ample time for testing and rehearsal. The prototype was easy for both the stage manager and Cisco CEO John Chambers to control, and it effectively synchronized with the live stage setting. 

The presentation was extremely well received by both Cisco stakeholders and conference attendees. To this day, Filter continues to produce all of Cisco's executive demos and presentations.

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