How Content Strategists Aid with Seasonal Spikes

When a big name sporting goods brand called on us to design & execute an agile, cost-efficient content publishing strategy, we "Just did it."

The Problem

The retailer needed additional capacity to keep up with seasonal and event-based spikes in content publishing demand.

On your marks.

Inspiring every athlete in the world is no small task – but for a leading Pacific Northwest-based sporting apparel company, it’s daily business. The brand is known for its use of striking imagery and memorable storytelling: bold, always-fresh content that resonates with sport-lovers of all walks of life.

The retailer had a huge volume of amazing creative to share with its global audience, spanning 60 countries and 25 languages. The problem? Publishing all that content both quickly and accurately was becoming a growing challenge. An overwhelming amount of work was flowing to the company’s centralized content publishing resource, particularly during busy seasons and events in the world of sports. With their in-house team already stretched to capacity, they decided it was time to tag in an outside teammate.

Our Solution

Filter’s scalable team of content publishing experts facilitated quick, on-brand production in step with the company’s changing workload.

Game on.

We kicked off the project with a close look at the tools the company’s internal teams were using, the processes they had in place, and the obstacles that were blocking them. Our process architects identified a solution that would fit seamlessly into their existing content publishing ecosystem while tackling the volume problem: a scalable, outsourced production team.

The Filterati took off at full speed to deliver page after page of high-quality web content. With production experience at some of some of the world's best-known companies, our team of publishing specialists maintained flawless brand alignment while adapting to the needs of different internal groups. Our scalable model solved the issue of seasonal and event-based volume spikes: as workload fluctuated throughout the year, our team nimbly expanded and contracted to match it.

Filter maximized efficiency and ROI at every turn, from a competitive price-per-unit cost structure to custom reporting methodology that demonstrated cost savings and opportunities for process improvements. Metrics such as KPIs were tracked on an ongoing basis, providing full visibility into the project.

The Results

The company gained on-demand access to the specialized talent they needed, making it easier and more affordable to publish content at the speed of business.

We “Just Did It.”

Between our high-performing team and our comprehensive workflow assistance, Filter has become a trusted partner in the retailer’s digital marketing initiatives. Company executives say they see Filter as an extension of their internal team, and that they enjoy working with the Filterati because we’re fast, cost-efficient, and diligent in our quest to catch and correct errors. 

Two years into our partnership, Filter is assisting the company with a number of content-related projects. Assisting with creative, image asset production and other platform support, we continue to provide the expertise and agility they need to score win after win.

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