We execute against your goals

For 25+ years (those are laugh lines, not wrinkles!) Filter has helped leading brands accomplish complicated, multi-faceted initiatives: from providing additional expertise, and capacity to your internal team, to taking entire projects and processes off your plate, our digital marketing and design solutions are customized to meet your needs - so that you can meet your goals, and get your key initiatives out of the door on-time, and on-budget.

  • Individual Experts

We provide additional expertise or capacity for your internal team, with a focus on fit - and a 99% success rate.

  • Integrated Teams

We build, manage and quickly scale teams who are dedicated to your business and highly integrated with your internal team.

  • Outsourced Solutions

Our turn-key solutions take entire projects or processes off your plate, freeing up your team and enabling you to move faster.


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Our Areas of Expertise

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, so we make it a point to stay at the forefront of industry trends - focusing our efforts and resources in four key areas: UX/UI, Visual Design, Multi-channel Campaigns and Virtual Reality.


Our UX and UI experts will help you deliver an impactful and meaningful customer service experience - whether you're in need of UX strategy, UX design, or anything in between, we'll help you get the right expertise and capacity you need to launch products that are both engaging and effective. Learn More

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Filter's visual designers will apply their deep expertise to bring your brand to life and help make it the kind of high-impact impression that captivates from first glance to final click. From design direction to production, we'll bring the right expertise to effectively execute your vision. Learn More

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Filter's experienced digital marketers will help you maximize customer engagement by serving up targeted, on-brand content when and how your customer wants it - executing personalized multi or omni-channel campaigns on brand and on budget. Learn More

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VR is rapidly emerging as "the next big thing" in digital marketing and design. If you're in deep, or just beginning to think about how to incorporate it, Filter's VR experts are here to help. Learn More

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How we work with you

We aim to be your trusted adviser for digital marketing and design execution


What are your challenges? What do you need to accomplish, and when?


Based on your needs, we'll recommend the best delivery model or solution.


Your culture is unique, so we factor in both IQ and EQ into your solution.


We provide ongoing support so everything runs smoothly.

our clients are leaders, innovators & visionaries

And these are just the ones we can talk about (only those who know the secret knock get to see our entire list).