Challenged to execute effective campaigns on schedule – often with less capacity and smaller budgets – marketing leaders are moving toward a model that strategically blends agency vision with in-house expertise and outsourced execution. This three-pronged approach is especially effective when it comes to personalized, multi- or omni-channel campaigns – the execution of which can take a herculean effort. That’s where Filter comes in. You and your agency develop the strategy for your multi or omni-channel campaigns; we’re here to flawlessly execute those campaigns on-brand, on-time and on-budget. Let’s go!

  • Individual Multi-channel Campaign Experts

Add expertise to your internal team: from expert campaign managers and channel specialists, to marketing analysists and content developers, we can bring the right expertise to your efforts.

  • Integrated Multi-channel Campaign Teams

Reach the right people at the right time with a scalable, custom-built campaign team that is lock-step with your internal team – from workflows, to processes, to people.

  • Outsourced Content Development Solutions

Feed the content beast! For ongoing production of creative assets, we assemble & manage scalable teams of highly skilled digital artisans. Our efficient “manufacturing” workflow helps you increase throughput while decreasing costs.

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"The ideal digital marketer for today’s multi-channel initiatives is someone who loves solving puzzles and can sift through complex data. On top of those analytical skills, it’s valuable to have someone who seeks a deep understanding of the customer, and who knows how to bring human psychology into the equation."

Sam mcroberts

Sr. Digital Marketer & Filterati

Our Campaign Clients Have Awesome Audience Engagement

End-To-End Expertise to Execute Multi & Omni-Channel Campaigns


Campaign Management

From planning the campaign calendar and associated capacity to creating work-back schedules (including tasks and amount of effort required for each task), Filter’s powerhouse producers and project managers ensure your multi- or omni-channel campaigns are firing on all cylinders and are executed on-brand, on-time and on-budget.


Channel Specialists

Every channel is unique – from social, to email, to e-commerce, to in-store – and you need channel specialists who live and breathe (and love optimizing) the channel they specialize in. Enter Filter: our channel specialists are experts in developing the strategy and managing deliverables for their particular channel, delivering an engaging, on-brand experience that connects with the right people at the right time for optimal results.


Content Creation & Development

From a snappy headline to an eye-catching design, content creators are the front-lines of your brand’s impression. Filter’s expert content creators – including writers, designers and videographers – develop on-brand content for specific channels, balancing the demands of each unique campaign with the over-all brand aesthetic. The result? Content that captivates your target audience across multiple channels and drives results.


Marketing Analytics & Insights

Knowing who you're targeting and what their behaviors are is paramount to launching an effective omni- or multi-channel campaign. Mining and leveraging back-looking data on how customers have engaged with various channels during former campaigns, Filter’s expert marketing analysts create personas that help to inform the upcoming campaign strategy and position it for success. Additionally, they measure the ROI of the current campaign, feeding the data back for the next cycle – and empowering your campaign team to make smarter decisions that will drive increasingly impactful results.

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