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Gone are the days where linear, single channel marketing strategy was enough to carry a brand’s story and user engagement: today, marketers need to leverage personalized multi- or omni-channel campaigns to succeed – campaigns that serve up targeted content when and how the customer wants to be engaged within the customer journey. And because when and how a customer wants to engage with a brand in social is different than when and how they want to engage with that same brand in email or on the web or via a mobile app, the need for customized content, channel expertise and the ability to rapidly scale your team’s capacity per the rhythms of your campaign schedule is greater than ever before.

Enter Filter: we provide precisely the right expertise at the right times, enabling marketing teams to flawlessly execute personalized multi- and omni-channel campaigns at the speed of business. Whether you’re in need of in-depth analytics or the ability to increase throughput and capacity, we can help.

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Digital Marketing

"The ideal digital marketer for today’s multi-channel initiatives is someone who loves solving puzzles and can sift through complex data. On top of those analytical skills, it’s valuable to have someone who seeks a deep understanding of the customer, and who knows how to bring human psychology into the equation."

Sam mcroberts

Sr. Digital Marketer & Filterati

our areas of focus in digital marketing


Analytics & Insights


What’s your data done for you lately? Leveraging data segmentation and micro-segmentation, Filter will have your data working overtime: from discovering how customers have engaged and interacted with your company in the past, to creating persona-driven insights that inform your customer’s journey moving forward (including how, when and where they want to engage with your brand), to measuring ROI, Filter helps turn your data into insights that will help you drive successful multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Multi-channel Marketing

Customers want to engage with your brand differently in different channels: to be effective across each of them – including web, mobile, social and email – you need up-to-date experience in the best practices. Filter provides deep expertise in each specific channel, and how they all work together, to help you effectively reach, engage and convert your customers.


Content Creation

The shift toward personalization has put companies under terrific pressure to produce new content, and moreover, high volume “channel specific” iterations of that content. Filter helps you produce these massive high-quality, on-brand content variations quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently. From copy to images to videos to animated gifs, we scale our efforts to match the rhythm of your business so that you have what you need, when you need it.


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