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From building a scalable team of elite UX specialists, to providing you with the right UX professional needed to increase your internal team's capacity or skills, our flexible solutions are customized to solve your specific UX needs - ensuring your end product will ship on time, on budget, and be a big hit with your users.

  • Individual UX Experts

Add qualitative & quantitative UX researchers, research assistants, UX & UI designers, UX copywriters, visual designers and front-end developers to your internal team.

  • Integrated UX Teams

Amp up your power with a scalable, custom-built UX team that is lock-step with your internal team - from workflows to processes to people.

  • Outsourced UX Solutions

Rock your backlog! Leverage a scalable, custom-built UX team to execute against development and design for multiple internal departments (including yours).

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“We build the experience around (the user), thinking carefully about many factors like their habits, needs, pain points, and preferences. If we’re designing correctly, then real people, not just personas, should be able to easily and intuitively follow the story we’ve created for them.”

Aaron Bowersock

UX Designer & Filterati


We Provide end-to-end UX Expertise & Execution


UX Strategy

No matter what you’re building – a new app, website or interactive experience – a strong UX strategy will help ensure that your project moves smoothly from start to finish, ships on time and is a win with your target audience. In addition to helping you establish the overall strategy, Filter's UX strategists will help determine when and how to involve other UX specialists, set priorities and approaches driven by the product lifecycle or roadmap, and ensure alignment with business goals at every stage.

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UX Research

Understanding your users is paramount to any successful product launch – and research is how you get there. Leveraging both quantitative and qualitative methods - from data mining to surveys, field studies to card sorting - Filter's UX researchers apply the most fitting techniques for your specific project or product to illuminate your users' needs and motivations, as well as to identify the elements that will keep them coming back for more.

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UX Design

UX Design turns conceptual learnings about your users into a detailed road map that will drive them through the experience and toward key CTAs. From storyboards to wireframes to user-pathways, Filter's UX designers can help you create clean, intuitive and engaging UX designs, providing the foundation that UI and visual designers will need to bring the product to life.

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UI Design

The “bridge” between UX and Visual Design, UI Design brings the UX strategy to life through a clear, easy-to-use interface. Laser-focused on the interface-specific details of the product layout – including navigation, buttons, controls, help options, and interactive elements – UI Design ensures a consistent visual language across your product, enabling your users to complete the desired actions in as few clicks as possible.

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Front-end Development

Validate and test new assumptions and hypothesis by rapidly prototyping an idea, workflow, story, interaction or pattern to see how your users will physically interact with your product. Whether your team needs to perform a-b testing on a new navigation scheme, or validate a new app via a web experience before building it, Filter's FED experts can help - ensuring time spent building the real thing is time well-spent.

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Additional On-demand Expertise

In order to deliver outstanding experience and end-product, you may need expertise that falls outside of the realm of UX - such as copywriting, visual design, video editing, illustration, animation, production design and QA testing. Not to worry - with Filter you have instant access to exact the right expertise you need, right when you need it.

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