Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are emerging as the next frontiers in digital marketing and design. Exciting and experimental, these groundbreaking technologies open up a world of new business opportunities – but in a field that’s so young (and evolving daily), identifying the right strategies and people for the job can be a challenge.

Enter Filter. We’ve been on the forefront of the immersive technology trend before it was a trend. From building and managing a scalable team of researchers to inform the creation of an immersive experience, to increasing your team’s skills and capacity by adding a 3D designer who specializes in hard metal surfaces – Filter provides customized, flexible solutions for your specific VR needs, enabling you to create new worlds, new stories, and new levels of brand engagement.

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Virtual Reality

"VR teams require individuals who are willing to take risks and find innovative solutions. As individuals and as a team, you need to be flexible, and ready to switch gears and rise to new challenges."

Allyssa evans

Program Manager & Filterati

our areas of focus in virtual reality


Research & Validation

Whether you’re creating a VR headset experience or designing an app with an Augmented Reality feature, there is a lot to learn about how people can (and want!) to engage with virtual reality. From initial planning, to the implementation and data collection of VR research – leveraging both generative and evaluative research, and using quantitative and qualitative methods – Filter will provide your team with the critical insights needed to set your product up for success.


3D Visual Design

The hard surface of a moving vehicle looks distinctly different than the hard surface of a weapon or a desk: to make them feel real in a virtual setting, it takes a million tiny details and serious skill. From the initial creative concepting to physical based modeling and texturing character/ environmental design, Filter brings the expertise needed to flawlessly execute 3D Visual Designs and deliver stunning visual assets, transforming great ideas into vivid, “so-real-you-could-touch-it” worlds.


3D Animation


From the movement of reflective light on the edge of a moving vehicle to the way grass sways in the wind, 3D Animation is what truly brings a VR experience to life. With a focus on the “physics” of how people and objects move and interact with the environment, Filter’s experienced 3D animators work in tandem with both creative and technical teams to ensure that each subtle detail accurately reflects real-life movements, adding up to a finished product that feels truly immersive.


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