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Visual Design Execution

If it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day (or money in the bank) to get all your visual design work done, we’ve got good news: by strategically blending the vision from your agency with in-house expertise and outsourced execution, you can increase your throughput while decreasing costs – all without sacrificing quality. And Filter can help: our top-tier visual designers are ready to flawlessly execute on-brand design for your website, app, virtual experience or multi-channel marketing campaigns. Sound good? Let’s get to work.

  • Individual Visual Design Experts

Add visual design expertise or capacity to your in-house team: from Art Directors to 3D Visual Designers, we bring the right expertise to power up your efforts.

  • Integrated Visual Design Teams

Leverage a custom-built visual design team that smoothly scales up and down according to your specific production cycles.

  • Outsourced Visual Design Studios

Take ongoing design execution off your plate with a dedicated studio team that Filter assembles, manages & scales, on or offsite. Skill-to-task and task-to-cost alignment results in agency quality work at a fraction of the cost.

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"Sometimes as designers our job is to break the rules and push the boundaries. That’s a huge challenge in many ways — following best practices while also being ready to break away from the paradigm.."

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Visual Design Execution Expertise


Art Direction

From an innovative vision for a fresh, eye-catching multi-channel campaign (that is also 100% on-brand), to guidance for your creative team to effectively execute on concepts and ideas, Filter’s expert art directors provide the caliber of creative and art direction that ensures campaigns are impactful and engaging at every touchpoint, deliverables are stunning and consistent, and the strategy fuels your overall business goals.


Visual Design

Whether you’re launching a new product or a new campaign, you need a visual design that is “more than meets the eye” – one that is true to your brand, supports your goals, or rounds out your UX strategy… all while targeting your customers’ specific needs and preferences. With true-blue expertise in this complex and highly specialized discipline, Filter’s expert visual designers can help your next digital marketing and design project leave a lasting impact


Design Production

When it comes to producing content, looks count, consistency counts, and perfection shouldn’t be a stretch goal. Filter helps increase your capacity and throughput – producing your content with the speed, consistency, and quality your customers expect – on brand and on budget. With proven best practices and highly trained digital artisans, we can help you turn out deliverable after perfect deliverable, all while scaling our efforts to match the rhythm of your business.


3D Visual Design

The hard surface of a moving vehicle looks distinctly different than the hard surface of a weapon or a desk: to make them feel real in a virtual setting, it takes a million tiny details and serious skill. From the initial creative concepting to physical based modeling and texturing character/ environmental design, Filter’s 3D Visual Designers bring the expertise needed to flawlessly execute 3D Visual Designs and deliver stunning visual assets, transforming great ideas into vivid, “so-real-you-could-touch-it” worlds.

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